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Will An Unpaid Medical Bill or Medical Debt Hurt My Credit?

Just like any other debt, medical debt that goes unpaid for a certain period of time will hurt your credit. You don't want poor credit because it means things will be more difficult for you when you need to obtain a loan with a favorable interest rate whether it be for a car, loan, boat etc.

if you have unpaid medical bills and medical debt, that doesn't mean necessarily that your credit has been impacted. It depends how long they have gone unpaid. Typically, most doctors or hospitals will report you to the three major credit bureaus after 60 days of their last delinquency notice or letter to you. The timeframe before you receive a final notification letter will vary with doctors or hospitals. Many times after ia long period of time or inaction on your behalf your account will be sold off to a collection agency and reported to the credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax and Experience) as a "collection account".

Can You Stop Your Debt From Being Reported To The Credit Bureaus?

In most cases, if you stay in contact with your creditor (the hospital billing department or doctor's billing department) from the moment you realize you can't pay then the chances of them negatively reporting you is low. Typically you are best trying to negotiate a medical bill payment plan if you think you can pay it over time rather than do nothing. If you are reading this article and the collection agencies are calling you, you should tell them that will agree to pay so long as they can give you proof or a contract that they will report to the credit bureau that the debt is being paid or that they agree to report the debt as resolved.

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