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Major Health Problem, No Insurance
When an individual had not purchased a medical insurance policy prior to developing their medical condition may be considered uninsurable. There are options, some allow you great coverage at a low cost.

Why You Need Health Insurance
Most individuals who do not have medical insurance give the excuse that health insurance is too costly and they choose not to buy it without realizing that the benefits and assurance you receive from having medical insurance far outweigh the cost savings of not having it.

Understanding a Health Insurance's Explanation of Benefits
If you have insurance, after you see your healthcare provider they will send your health insurance provider a claim or bill for payment for services given to you. You will then receive an explanation of benefits telling you what they paid and what you owe. Understanding this is important.

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Ways To Reduce Health Insurance Premiums & Medical Bills

Over the last decade or so health insurance and rising medical bills have been sky-rocketing. There are ways to get reduced premiums or coverage for free. Many private companies out there offer Health Insurance that is reasonably priced or are negotiable. There is also Federal and State assistance you can take advantage as well. Many non-profits help provide Health Insurance for free or with low premiums because of State & Federal Government Funding and through public donations. All states, have a State Medicaid program. Read below for ways to reduce your health insurance costs.


Do You Have Children?

All states administer some kind of State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) financed by the Federal and State Governments. SCHIPs can be also labeled CHIPs or Children's Health Insurance programs. Instead of paying for your child's coverage, or if you child does not have any coverage at all using the Depending on the state program, health insurance to all uninsured children ineligible for Medical Assistance is available. These programs offer assistance based how much money your family makes, however, even if you income is higher than 70k, many offer reduced premiums. For example, Pennsylvania has a program called CHIP which even offers free coverage in certain cases. For a complete list visit our Children's State Health Insurance Page.

Did You Apply For Your State's Medicaid Program?

All states administer some kind of Medicaid Program for the low income individuals which again is funded by Federal and State Government. Medicaid programs are different in each state but every single program must cover hospital stays, other long-term care, as well as doctor visits. Additional items like prescription drugs and very specialized care may not be covered. Many factors come into play depending on the state you are in as to the factors they look at. To find out your State's Medicaid Program click on your state when you visit the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Do You Have Bad or Poor Credit?

Many health insurance companies use a FICO or credit based decision making model in the determination of your health insurance premiums. They need some guidance as to how likely you are to pay your bills. If you have poor credit, this signals to private health insurance providers that you are less likely to pay your monthly premium which pushes premiums higher to offset the potential of no payments later on. Federal and State funded Medicaid and Medicare are designed for individuals who cannot pay much or anything at all. However, if you are ineligible for Medicaid or any other government funded insurance programs, then you need to start by improving your credit by repairing and monitoring it from here on out. Look for credit monitoring services and do your own self help credit repair [FTC Credit Repair Site] instead of working with a "credit repair" company. Improving your credit will get you better rates, even if you have a high risk medical history.

If You Are Ineligible for Medicaid or Government Assistance Did You Shop Around For Private Health Insurance?

Working with only one national health insurance company or sales agent is unwise. Getting a few quotes on the table allows you to instantly see the best offer quickly. It is important to make sure your deductibles and coverage details are similar in comparing quotes or that coverage details are taken into consideration. Getting a few quotes, also allows you to leverage other company quotes when negotiating with a health insurance company.

If You Have Private Health Coverage, Did You Get The Best Plan?

Many Health Insurance Companies offer plans that are priced differently based on the coverage needed. For example, increasing your deductible usually lowers your premiums but can result in you paying more if you encounter high-cost accidents (leg broken, surgery etc). Even increasing your co pay can lead to lower premiums. If you typically don't go to the doctor a lot you will save money if your co pays are higher, because your premiums will be lower. You can see how your premiums can be easily impacted by your coverage details. If you think your plan is not the best plan for you contact your insurance company and ask what other plans are available and compare those to competitors.