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The number one cause of individuals getting into medical debt is because they do not have health insurance or they are under insured. It is estimated that 2 million people file for bankruptcy every year as a result of medical debt. The reason for most people getting into medical debt is because they had the misconception that they cannot afford quality health insurance or they choose the wrong type of coverage for themselves. The fact is, there are health insurance options out there for everyone. Use the resources below to read more information about medical insurance. Request a free quote from one our partners and compare top medical insurance policies.

Medical Insurance Articles and Information

Why Do You Need Medical Insurance?

Most individuals who do not have medical insurance give the excuse that health insurance is too costly and they choose not to buy it without realizing that the benefits and assurance you receive from having medical insurance far outweigh the cost savings of not having it

When You or a Family Member Has a Major Medical Problem and No Insurance
If an individual has no medical insurance they are typically considered uninsurable. However, there are options to pay far less than the required premiums from regular insurance companies.

Major Ways to Reduce Health Insurance
f an individual who is looking for better health insurance there alternative options out there to fulfilling this goal. Remember, you want best fit policy at the lowest cost.

Understanding a Health Insurance Company's Explaination of Benefits (EOB)
If you have insurance, after you see your healthcare provider they will send your health insurance provider a claim or bill for payment for services given to you. Next, whether your insurance pays or not, they will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) telling you what they paid and what you owe the healthcare provider (if anything). Understanding what your EOB is telling you is important to understand.

Free Medical Insurance Quotes
Compare plans and apply online. Compare over 175 different leading medical insurance plans nationwide. Be assured you are receiving the most for your money and be confident you will receive the coverage you need when you need it.