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Medical Bill & Debt Negotiation: Use Us or Do It Yourself?

Every year many Americans are given outrageous medical bills that can be greatly reduced with a systematic negotiation process. It does not matter if you can pay, as it help those seeking debt relief or just a reduction in medical bills. Most people don’t even think or know that negotiation can be applied to medical debt or bills. Most don’t even know that companies specialize in this.  The longer you wait to resolve your debt, the lower your probability of reducing them through negotiation. More importantly, don’t put medical bills on a credit card because now you have credit card debt.  With medical bill negotiation, decide if you need to use a medical debt negotiation company or do it yourself. Make that decision after understanding and reviewing what negotiation entails. As of last year, we do not offer services anymore.

.Option 1: Use Us (Medical Debt Negotiation Experts)

Normally medical debt negotiation specialists save patients more money that self-negotiation or negotiation with the use of a specialized debt relief specialist. There are many debt companies out there that claim to reduce your debt. The problem is most of these companies help out different forms of debt from credit cards, unpaid homeowner bills, or unsecured debt in general. Look to work with a medical debt negotiation company that specializes in medical bill reduction. Medical debt negotiation companies can produce better results (even after small fees) or more savings because of their knowledge of insurance policies (private and Medicaid), medical bills, debt laws, and knowledge of medical procedures. Whatever you do, try to avoid debt settlement as it really for individuals who can pay off their medical bills but want to pay less. Sometimes, when a patient cannot pay, bankrupty may be the only option.

Option 2: Do It Yourself

1) Preparation: There are a few things you can do to prepare yourself:

a) Collect and check your bills for errors; learn how to correctly read bill

b) Ask for itemized bill so you can see details of charges

c) Understand your health insurance coverage to ensure you were billed the “allowable amount” or what your health care provider is allowed to charge)

d) Understand the Fair Debt Collection Act so you know if you are being treated fairly

Sometimes the error is with your insurance company and not the creditor so making a mistake or not getting your claim so make sure you do your research before calling so you don’t call the wrong billing department.

2) Execution

a) Find the right numbers of who you need to call (front desk usually knows or operator) to reach the medical billing departments

b) Record what happened when you called, wrote, or emailed them (calling is best)

c) Negotiate with the understanding that they want you to pay something as opposed to nothing; be aggressive but yet restrained (don’t raise your voice).

d) Explain why you bill should be reduced

e) If you can’t make large payments, negotiate a smaller payment plan

If you can find errors, unreasonable charges, charges that are not allowed by your provider, interest and penalties that are incompliant with the Fair Debt Collection Act, you will have a better chance at success. This will greatly help you in reducing and settling your debt. Overall, self negotiation can work but requires a lot of your time and efforts. Furthermore, it is unlikely (not impossible) that you will save more doing it yourself than using an expert like us.

In either case, negotiation is very powerful in lowering medical debt, just understand and weigh what it takes to complete the process when deciding if you want to do it yourself or use a specialist like us.

If you would like to see if potential partners can help since we no longer offer services directly, go here: Medical bill help