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Why You Need Medical Insurance
Medical Insurance can prevent many problems. Did you know people without medical insurance have a higher risk of death?

Ways to Reduce Health Insurance
If an individual is looking for better health insurance there are many alternative options out there.

Understanding a Health Insurance's Explanation of Benefits
If you have insurance, after you see your healthcare provider they will send your health insurance provider a claim or bill for payment for services given to you. You will then receive an explanation of benefits telling you what they paid and what you owe. Understanding this is important.

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When You or a Family Member Has a Major Medical Problem and no Insurance

When an individual had not purchased a medical insurance policy prior to developing their medical condition may be considered uninsurable. Being considered uninsurable doesn’t mean that you still can’t purchase insurance, but it means your premium will be greatly increased to a level that is most likely not affordable. This higher premium must be paid until the condition has passed.  The good news is that there are ways around paying the higher premium and getting affordable medical insurance.  Below are 4 common ways you or your family member who is uninsured can get affordable medical coverage.

Find a Job with Good Medical Insurance Benefits

If the individual is able to work, getting a job with good medical benefits can be the easiest option. Employers are not allowed to discriminate based on medical conditions. Using this method could land you great insurance that is mainly paid for by the company.

Qualify for Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal/state program that will pay for medical care for individuals and families that have incomes at or below the poverty line. Each state has specific requirements to receive this. If an individual qualifies for Medicaid they will receive 100% of hospital visits, prescriptions, and doctor visits.

Use Someone Else's Health Insurance or Medicaid

Just about all employers offer individual plans and family medical insurance policies. There are normally strict requirements of who can get health insurance under someone else’.  Typically it is limited to a spouse or dependent family members.  There may be ways to get legally qualified as a depended under someone else with good health insurance.

Subsidized State Guaranteed Health Insurance

All states offer some form of subsidized health insurance who cannot get coverage because they are either uninsurable because of a preexisting condition or they are very poor and cannot afford the premium charged for health insurance.