Medical Debt Causes Financial Strain...



How Can You Reduce Your Debt?

First, you should learn as much possible about ways to reduce your healthcare bills and medical bills including negotiation. Second, explore one of our partners who many times offer a free debt analysis in which you can learn you how you may resolve your medical bill and other debt problems.


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Tip #1 Medical Bill Negotiation

Patients face many barriers in trying to reduce their medical bills including lack of negotiation skills, insurance restrictions, provider policy, reluctant doctors, and legal restrictions. The biggest mistake is to put medical bills on a credit card. Some of our partners specialize in negotiation because it is an effective process to reducing medical bills and debt. However, below you can find self-help articles beyond negotiation that encompass other alternatives or options. Understand that negotiation is always recommended but requires knowledge of insurance policies, medical procedures, & time.

Self-Help Articles